Zeta Resources Limited ("Zeta") is an active, resources focussed holding and development company incorporated under the Bermuda Companies Act on 13 August 2012.

Zeta was listed on the ASX on 12 June 2013. The company invests in resources globally, in listed and unlisted entities, and is advised by its investment manager, ICM.

Prior to listing on the ASX, Zeta acquired all of the issued shares of Kumarina Resources Limited via a scheme of arrangement. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zeta, Kumarina’s direction and management is dictated by Zeta.


Zeta’s aim is to maximise total returns for shareholders by identifying and investing in assets and companies where the underlying value is not reflected in the market price. The company invests in a range of resources entities, including those focused on oil and gas, gold and base metals exploration and production.

Investment Horizon

Zeta intends to have a mid to long term investment horizon and does not expect to be trading its positions on a frequent basis.  Zeta will also work with its investee companies to seek to maximise their value and may make follow-on investments into these companies or increase investment through market purchases as appropriate.

Shareholder Value and Return

Zeta may acquire majority or minority positions in its target investments. Although Zeta’s initial portfolio will consist of minority positions, Zeta will also consider opportunities which will maximise its ability to contribute as a proactive investor, with a view to actively extracting value for both its own investors and investors in the underlying investee companies.  This proactive approach may include taking significant or full ownership positions in companies, bringing about management change and encouraging strategies to maximise shareholder value and return.